Monday, May 14, 2012

Birthday Party Fun!

My daughter turned 7 recently and wanted a Spongebob party.  We played "Sponge Tag" with this!  This shows the extent of my artistic talents!

We made water balloon "pinatas".  So much fun (thank you Pinterest!!).  Next time I would use twine instead of fishing line because the fishing line would slip right off the tree sometimes.

With the balloons that fell (but didn't break), we had a fun water balloon fight!

Sponge(bob) Tag!

Of course, a Spongebob cake! I am not the best cake decorator, so I bought the cake toppers at WalMart in their bakery section.  I have found most stores will sell the cake toppers separately, so it makes it much easier to make a yummy cake and have it look good too!

Fun and easy!  My daughter was delighted with her Spongebob party!

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