Saturday, March 31, 2012

Shutting off that inner voice

The beginning of this week was so hard. I wasn't sleeping enough. I was stressed with work and kids and school and sports and not having food in the house and needing to get know what I'm talking about, right?

So each morning, when my alarm would go off, I'd hit snooze. I set my alarm to allow myself to hit snooze twice and still be up with enough time to exercise before the kids get up. But I kept hitting snooze. That little voice inside my head (I think I need to come up with a name for her) was telling me to sleep...I needed that too, right? I could work out later, there would be time, right?

Needless to say, I would get up, but then feel rushed. But I was always glad I DID it.

So late Tuesday I head out to the grocery store to stock up on good foods. Almost grabbed some Oreos, but then remembered I can't ever eat just one. Ever. So since I didn't get the Oreos, I did treat myself to a new facial cleanser (hey, if it makes us feel better and doesn't derail us, it's got to be okay.)

Alright, so I finished my MWF of Learning to Run...this week was walk 1 minute/jog 2 minutes. I even did a 1 minute sprint! WooHoo! Today I did HIIT, 1 minute at 4 mph, 1 at 5, 1 at 6, and 1 at 7. Repeat till 20 minutes. But on the last minute I sprinted at 9 mph! 9 MPH! Yeah, my heart was racing, but what a thrill! Did a 5 minute cool down walk after and then some pilates to stretch my muscles back out again.

That voice in my head...she's still there. But I am learning that I am stronger than she is. I am learning how to control her instead of her controlling me. (I have a song for her, but I'll post about that another time.)

I am off to shower and to raise my glass in victory!

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