Thursday, August 4, 2011

High School Reunion

This weekend is my 20 year reunion. 

Aaaccckkk!!!   How did that happen?  20 freaking years, gone, just like that.

I have really only kept up with 2 people, and in all honestly, not even that often.

The rest?  Well, I think by getting out of my little town I thought I had to get rid of all of them too.  At 18 I didn't want a whole lot of connections other than family.  When I got married and moved out of state, I felt oddly at home being all alone.  Yikes, that sounds completely depressing.  And it was.  I used to cry when I read license plates that said "You have a friend in Pennsylvania."  I didn't feel I had a friend anywhere.  And yet, I felt like I couldn't go back to any of those people that I used to laugh with and hang out with.  I had changed.  Or maybe I just hoped I had.

This weekend I will see people, old friends, that I haven't seen or spoken to in 20 years.  Thankfully, Facebook has sparked that interest in getting to know each other again, so I do feel a connection with several people.  I can't help but wonder how much things have changed.  I certainly hope some things have.  But then others...I kind of hope haven't.  I hope we can all laugh like we used to before we had any responsiblity.  I hope we can be comfortable with weight gain, weight loss, wrinkles, and changing hair color.  I hope we can take time to remember the people who should be there, but from different circumstances died way, way too young. 

And I hope I can come home knowing that old friendships endure over the years, even when I thought I didn't want or need it to. Because, truth be told,  I do.

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