Sunday, April 17, 2011


I tend to hold onto beliefs in my life that in all reality will probably not happen.  Some would call it wishful thinking.  Others would say I am delusional.  I'd like to think it just a serious bout of optimism. 

For starters, I hold onto the the idea that one day, every room in my house will be free of dust and clutter and will be picked up and organized all at the same time.  HGTV will come knocking, wanting to know all of my secrets.  For now, it seems to work on a one room at a time basis.  If the living room is clean, the kitchen is ready to explode.  If one kid's room is uncluttered, another looks like it is bound for the show Hoarders...Buried Alive. 

I will get have a flat belly and still be able to eat chocolate cake whenever I want to.

One day, when my hair AND makeup come out flawless, I will actually run into somebody I know.

My kids will go a whole day without tattling, fighting, or asking to watch tv or play computer.

Another delusion, I mean, happy thought...that my husband and I will retire before we are 60 with enough

money, memory, and life still in us to enjoy it.

All of my pictures will be sorted and put into photo albums. 

I will win the lottery.

My kids will get full scholarships to the college of their choice.

Did I mention my house would be clean? 

Ahhh, gotta go.  My sunset is calling.

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